Incognito Keyboard in Signal App

08 March 20211 min read

Signal makes use of your device's built-in keyboard or Input Method Editor (IME). On certain Android smartphones, you can use the Incognito Keyboard to enable the Android operating system's optional keyboard privacy flag.

To change your configuration, follow these steps:

Go to Signal Settings profile > Privacy > Incognito Keyboard on your mobile.

When you allow Incognito Keyboard, the following things can happen:

It's possible that your keyboard would avoid learning from the feedback you type. Your keyboard's dictionary can not recall entries for further use in autocomplete or as a recommendation. It's possible the autocorrect won't work. It's possible that you'll find more typos.

Important: Android's Incognito Keyboard flag can be ignored by keyboards and IMEs. This Android machine flag represents a best-effort rather than a promise. It's important to use a keyboard or IME that you can rely on. The signal is unable to detect or block malware from infecting the computer.